Shweta Garg

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Shweta Garg is the founder of Shweta Swati & Dance Company & India International institute of Kathak Dance & Music. Shweta Garg is among very distinct artists who have dual talent, being an excellent Kathak exponent, a brilliant folk dancer & vocal singer. She emphasizes on the purity of Kathak dance. She brings out sophistication of Lucknow Gharana & technical brilliance with precision of Jaipur Gharana. She has done master in Kathak dance & graduated in Vocal music, her record includes several performances in India & abroad which have won her a lot of praise & acclaim.
She forms with her younger sister Swati Garg probably the most unique & best pair among all young generation Kathak exponents.They are famous as Garg sisters among the Kathak network & their performance hypnotizes their audience.Apart from duet performances with Swati she has a lot of solo performances to her credit, like in Dubai international festival, In Japan on invitation from Takasaki art centre college ,youth festival in national capital, Khajuraho festival, “Chalo man Ganga Yamuna Teer” program organized by North zone cultural centre Allahabad on the banks of Sangam, Shared the stage with Kathak maestros & their disciples in the program organized by Shruti mandal in Mumbai, Brahma kuwari’s international conference, Jaipur festival, in the program organized by All India Radio & other various programs organized by govt. of Rajasthan, Rotary club, Rajasthan sangeet natak academy, & Jawahar kala Kendra.Shweta is a national scholarship winner from govt. of India & a regular performer of Doordarshan.Shwetas canvas includes “Little Buddha” eight Oscar awarded Hollywood movie by Bernardo Bertholuci & Speed Fame Keanu Reeves in the lead on the life of Buddha Founder of Buddha religion.[/blockquote]