"Aangikam Bhuvanamyasya Vaachikam Sarva Vaangmayam
Aahaaaryam Chadrataaraadi Tam Numaha Saattvikam Shivam"
About Us

We are a small group of Individuals who are putting up their efforts together to encourage ” Kathak Dance”   among people of this world. We are trying to keep Kathak dance in the same pure form it has been developed over the years in many parts of India.

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Alok Garg

Shweta Garg
Exe. Director & Founder Principal

Kaushal Kant Panwar
Team Leader


  • Hello IIIKDM to all the dancers and teachers we had the pleasure to meet in December 2013,about the 6th ,while touring Rajasthan with Indian Routes.One evening we came to see your school and had a marvelous show of Kratak dance by many of your great dancers....I will never forget ,thank you so much again and if I ever come back to Jaipur,my sister and I will contact you !! Be sure of that ! I wish the whole school, a very happy new year 2014 with many performances to come ... Most gratefull (french lady from Thailand)
    Mimi Bonjour
  • Our university student group thoroughly enjoyed their time with Alok and Shweta and everyone at the IIIKDM.  This visit was an important part of our group’s introduction to Indian culture, and they had a good workout as well!  We would recommend instruction at IIIKDM to anyone seeking an insight into one of India’s most important cultural expressions. Schreyer Honors College Penn State University Atherton Hall University Park, PA 16802
    Richard Stoller Coordinator of Academic Advising and International Programs
  • As my Guru I have always learned so much from you. You are an awesome teacher, Students of IIIKDM are very talented and bright. Under your expert guidance your students are achieving higher levels and setting themselves apart in this field. I am sure, you and your institute will continue to excel giving quality teaching to the students and nurturing them with good values. I highly recommend IIIKDM as one of the most trusted and premier institute to those who are seeking to take degree in Kathak dance.
    Divya Srivastava Founder & Director Geet-Rung School of Dance and Music www.GeetRung.com