Dance is culture & culture is DanceAAC_0790
Culture is the fragrance that remains after the incense of life burns away

We as a team (IIIKDM & SSDC ) putting our effort to contribute in the field of kathak dance & continue to:

  • Promote & Preserve this form of great Indian classical dance “Kathak”.
  • Create & produce works in this contemporary dance with improvisation & use dance as a medium of communication to express various moods & emotions.
  • Refine & enlarge the natural human tendency & expressing feelings physically.
  • Offer our teachings completely (the combination of vocal, Instrumental & dance) complimenting every possibility.

The Shweta Swati & Dance Company’s mission is to keep alive the most traditional dance form of her motherland. She is committed with her group to keep intact (what she has been taught & to add in this her creativity & experiments) by transferring this art to future generations of the society locally, nation wide & internationally.

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