What we teach

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At IIIKDM we offer three different courses for Kathak dance.Degree course: – This course is for the students who want to learn Kathak through out the year. The complete course is divided in eight years syllabus from prathama (first year) to nipuna (Master).Eight years complete course is divided in four major parts namely Prathama (Preliminary), Madhyama (Middle), Visharad (Bachelor) & Nipuna (Masters).

Prathama: In prathama tatkar (basic steps), Basic hand movements, Salami, amada, chakkar, gat nikas, that, trital & Jhap Tal & practice of padant are covered.

Madhyama: In this part Trital (tatkar, thata, amads, parans, gat nikas & bhav), Jhap tal (Thata, tukdas & Paran) & Dhamar (tatkar, salami, amads & chakkar dar Paran) are covered.

Visharad: In Visharad trital (tatkar in tigun & chougun layas, primlu, parans, Advance gats), Dhamar (Amad, tukdas, paran, tihais), Chautal (tatkar in fast layas Salami, amads.tukdas, chakkardar Paran & padant of all learnt) are taught.

Nipuna: – In Nipuna Trital (advance amads, tukdas, parans, primlu, Kavitts or Chhands) Tatkar up to solahguna kramalaya along with jati & layabant, Perfection of bhav chals, complete knowledge of Tals, able to recite boles in live performance with perfection.

After Nipuna it is assumed that student is perfect to perform & prepared to take up teaching assignments as well.

Short course: – In this learning is scheduled depending on the requirement of the student. For a new student only basics of Kathak dance is taught & syllabus depends on the duration for which admission is sought. Also any particular style for short duration is taught under this course only.

For Foreign students: – IIIKDM offers a very special course for the foreign students. In this students are taught continuously for the period for which they stay with IIIKDM. A rigorous practice session is scheduled for them followed by knowledge on historical back ground.

Folk Dances are being taught in between regularly only to degree course students & the students who specifically want to learn folk dance.