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Shweta Garg is a dicsiple of  great Kathak Guru “Pd. Girdhari Maharaj” of Jaipur Gharana. Born by a  mother who is a renowned vocal radio artist, came in the eyes of her Guru very early. He himself demanded her from her parents to be his shishya (Student). She is a GANDABANDH shishya of her GURU from very beginning.

Shweta Garg has emerged recently as the most prominent young kathak exponent from Jaipur, India. She has been learning Kathak from very early age. Since 1982 she has been a student of kathak dance initially at Jaipur Kathak Kendra, & than from 1985 she has been learning from her Guru Pd. Girddhari Maharaj .

Shweta Garg has done her Masters (Nipuna) both from Gandharva Music School & Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur. She is a class kathak exponent, a brilliant folk dancer. She is also a very good vocal music artist & has graduated in vocal music. She has won various awards & scholarships at national & international level.

From very early age, she has been performing along with her sister Swati at national & international levels. Shweta Swati & Swati Garg forms a unique & rare duo combination probably the best in their style among today’s young artists. She has also worked in eight Oscar awarded filmLittle Buddha” with Keanu Reeves in the lead & directed by Bernado Bertholucchi.

In April 2002 she formed her dance & music school “India International Institute of Kathak Dance & Music” & her dance group “Shweta Swati & Dance Company” at the Pink City home of famous Jaipur style of kathak dance.

At IIIKDM she has been teaching what she has learnt from her Guru with her own creation keeping the original intact. More than 2500 students have been trained at IIIKDM since than & some of them have established themselves as a young performer.

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